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Another American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics was released this year, the popular character of Ant-Man. The movie was produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Motion Pictures. This is the twelfth installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe or MCU.

The story started in 1989 when scientist Hank Pym resigns from S.H.I.E.L.D. after discovering their attempt to replicate his shrinking technology. With this technology, a man can shrink to a size of an ant. Using this ability, the military will have a big advantage against enemies especially infiltrating enemy bases. However, Pym believes that the technology is dangerous and decided to hide it.



In the present day, Hope van Dyne, Pym’s daughter, and Darren Cross, Pym’s former protégé, forced him out of his company, the Pym Technologies. In addition, Cross is close in perfecting a shrinking suit of his own that he called Yellowjacket. To prevent this from happening, Pym searched for the perfect person that will be able to use his shrinking suit, which is Scott Lang. He was a thief that just got out of prison. When Lang visited his former wife, he was criticized because he can’t provide child support for their child. Thus, it resulted to Lang agreeing to join his old cellmate Luis and his crew to commit burglary. However, they only saw an old motorcycle suit and Lang decided to simply take it home. When he got home, he tried on the suit and accidentally shrinks himself to the size of an insect. Terrified by the experience, Lang decided to return the suit but got arrested on the way out. After Lang was detained in prison, he was visited by none other than Pym.

It turned out that Pym manipulated the burglary and a test to see if Lang is the best candidate to be the Ant-Man and help him steal the Yellowjacket from Cross. Another surprising event is Hope works with his father to stop cross. Before they were able to have Lang as the Ant-Man, they trained him first. In the unveiling ceremony at Pym Technologies’ headquarters, Lang tried to steal the Yellowjacket. However, it turned out that Cross knew Pym’s plan and was able to take them as a hostage together with his daughter. But Lang was able to break free of his cage and fought Cross’ agents. With the use of Yellowjacket, Cross fled the scene and went to Lang’s daughter and took her as a hostage. Lang and Cross fought with each other. In order to win against Cross, Lang overrides the regulator and shrink to subatomic size to penetrate Cross’ suit and sabotage it to shrink uncontrollably killing Cross.

The Martian

One of the best movies for the year 2015 is The Martian. The story is based on a best-selling novel by Andy Weir, and is directed by the famous Ridley Scott. The protagonist of the story is Mark Watney, played by Matt Damon. The story is about a manned mission to the planet Mars, then something went wrong. When Watney and other fellow astronauts were exploring the red planet, a fierce storm passed by. Watney got separated with them. Presuming he was already dead, the captain was left with no choice but to get the team out of Mars. However, Watney survived the storm and found out that he is stranded and alone on the hostile planet. With only insufficient supplies, he used his knowledge to make a home for his self, to increase his food supply, and to find a way to signal to Earth that he is alive. It would be easier for him to do his task if he has a fast car like BMW car. After knowing that Watney is alive, NASA ad a team of international scientists work tirelessly to bring him home, while his crew mates devise their own plan to go back in Mars for a daring rescue mission.

the martian

the martian

The movie can be considered a huge success with its 8.2 out of 10 rating in IMDb, 93% rating from Rotten Tomato, and 3 Golden Globe Nominations including Best Motion Picture, Best Director, and Best Actor – Matt Damon. Other star studded cast includes:

  • Matt Damon as Mark Watney
  • Jessica Chastain as Melissa Lewis
  • Kristen Wiig as Annie Montrose
  • Kate Mara as Beth Johanssen
  • Michael Peña as Rick Martinez
  • Jeff Daniels as Teddy Sanders
  • Chiwetel Ejiofo as Vincent Kapoor
  • Donald Glover as Rich Purnell

Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

Thomas and the rest of the Gladers; Newt, Teresa, Minho, Frypan, and Winston are brought to the desolated city following their escape from the Maze. Once they descend, a horde of infected people start running towards them, but the mercenary soldiers escorting them fight them off. They take the Gladers into a facility run by Janson.

Thomas gathers Newt, Minho, Frypan, Winston, and Aris, and tries to find Teresa so they can escape. They come across a merc who aims his stun gun at them, until Minho dropkicks him into a wall. Thomas grabs the gun and gets a doctor to take them to Teresa. They grab her and head out to the exit.

Now on the outside in a vast desert, the Gladers venture toward the mountains to find The Right Arm. They come across an abandoned building and discover the place has power, but when they turn it on, Thomas and Minho find themselves attacked by some Cranks.

maze runner the scorch trials

maze runner the scorch trials

Soon, a band of WCKD mercs, led by Janson, storms the place. Thomas runs away with Brenda, separating himself from the other Gladers. Jorge plays a song that triggers a series of explosives when it finishes. The facility collapses and kills the mercs. Thomas and Brenda run toward an exit as they are pursued by Cranks.

The ladies guide the group to meet the rest of The Right Arm, including their leader Vince. Brenda collapses, as she’s been bitten by a Crank, but her infection hasn’t spread as quickly as with Winston. Vince nearly shoots her until he is stopped by a former WCKD scientist named Mary Cooper. She reveals that Thomas was an informant to share information on all of WCKD’s acts. She gives Brenda an enzyme shot to stop the infection from spreading.

In the morning, the survivors seem to have lost hope. Thomas gathers what he can carry and decides he’s going back to infiltrate WCKD, rescue Minho, and kill Ava. Although Vince thinks he’s crazy, Harriet agrees that she wouldn’t mind some revenge. Now, everyone looks to Thomas as they prepare to take WCKD down.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Luke Skywalker has vanished. In his absence, the sinister First Order has risen from the ashes of the Empire and will not rest until Skywalker, the last Jedi, has been destroyed. With the support of the Republic, General Leia Organa leads a brave Resistance. She is desperate to find her brother Luke and gain his help in restoring peace and justice to the galaxy.

star wars the force awakens

star wars the force awakens

FN-2178 decides to run away and rescues Poe. The two board a black First Order TIE fighter and escape. Poe renames FN-2187 as Finn, and expertly pilots to an escape while Finn fires the ship’s blasters. The fighter is hit by lasers from the destroyer and crash lands on Jakku. Together they end up on the run, taking BB-8 with them. First Order stormtroopers are now looking for Finn and the BB-8 droid. To make their escape, they steal a “garbage” vehicle to escape the First Order. This vehicle is the Millennium Falcon. Rey is drawn to the lower floor of the cantina and opens a box to discover Luke Skywalkers lightsaber lost at Cloud City. When she touches the lightsaber she experiences a flashback to her childhood. The dream has the voices of old Jedi like Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda. It flashes by quickly, including a vision of Rey as a young child, abandoned on Jakku. Rey is frightened by the vision and refuses Maz’s offer of Luke’s lightsaber, running out into the forest of Takodana. The Resistance fighters begin to plan an attack on the Starkiller Base to avoid being wiped out. Finn wants to rescue Rey, and claims he once worked at Starkiller Base and knows how to knock out the shields. Han and Leia say their goodbyes as the X-wings led by Poe Dameron prepare to attack a weak point on the base.

Han and Chewbacca then improvise a plan to plant explosives to blow it up instead. Han and Chewbacca split up to lay explosives in separate locations. He stalks off onto a catwalk where Han spots him. Han approaches him on the catwalk, calling him Ben. He asks his son to return with him, and Ren offers his lightsaber, but then activates it and kills his father, pushing him off into the pit. Chewbacca, having watched the entire conversation, fires on Ren, hitting him in the side, and then detonates the explosives.

Back at the Resistance Base, R2-D2 awakens and reveals the missing part of the map to Lukes location. Finn is still unconscious, and Rey says goodbye before he can wake up. Rey and Chewbacca leave in the Falcon, Rey taking the pilot’s seat. They fly to the planet indicated by the map, where Rey carefully climbs a rocky island. When she reaches the top, she finds an old cloaked and bearded Jedi with a metal hand. It is Luke Skywalker. Rey silently offers him the lightsaber. If you have a website like mine and wants more visitors, try Targeted Traffic.


On a mission in Mexico City, unofficially ordered by a posthumous message from the previous M, James Bond kills two men plotting a terrorist bombing and gives chase to Marco Sciarra, an assassin who survived the attack. In the ensuing struggle, Bond kills Sciarra and steals his ring, which is emblazoned with a stylized octopus. Upon returning to London, Bond is indefinitely suspended from field duty by the current M the head of the privately-backed Joint Intelligence Service, consisting of the recently merged MI5 and MI6. C campaigns for Britain to join “Nine Eyes”, a global surveillance and intelligence co-operation initiative between nine member states, and uses his influence to close down the ’00’ section, believing it to be outdated.

Bond travels to Rome to attend Sciarra’s funeral. That evening he visits Sciarra’s widow Lucia, who tells him about Spectre, a criminal organization to which her husband belonged. Bond travels to Austria to find White, who is dying of thallium poisoning. He admits to growing disenchanted with Quantum and tells Bond to find and protect his daughter, Dr. Madeline Swann, who will take him to L’Americain which will in turn lead him to Spectre. Swann reveals that L’Americain is a hotel in Morocco.



The two travel to the hotel and find White’s secret room where they find coordinates pointing to Oberhauser’s facility in the desert. After arriving at the station, Bond and Swann are escorted to Oberhauser’s facility. There, he reveals that Spectre has been staging terrorist attacks around the world, creating a need for the Nine Eyes program. In return, Spectre will be given unlimited access to intelligence gathered by Nine Eyes.

As the Moroccan base was one node in a wider network, Bond and Swann return to London where they meet M, Bill Tanner, Q and Moneypenny. On the way, the group is ambushed and Bond is kidnapped, but the rest still proceed with the plan. Bond is taken to the old MI6 building, which is scheduled for demolition. He meets a scarred Blofeld, who tells him that he has three minutes to escape the building before the explosives are detonated or die trying to save Swann. Bond finds Swann and the two escapes by boat as the building collapses. Bond shoots down Blofeld’s helicopter, which crashes onto Westminster Bridge. Bond leaves Blofeld to be arrested by M and leaves with Swann.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2

After recovering, Katniss approaches President Alma Coin and volunteers to kill President Snow. Coin declines in favor of preserving Katniss as the symbol of their revolution. As they venture into the Capitol they are ambushed by a hidden pod fatally injured, transfers use of the Holo to Katniss before dying. Peeta has an episode and attacks Katniss again, pushing Mitchell into the tar. The squad evades the avalanche and takes shelter in a building. Katniss tells her squad that she is under orders from Coin to kill Snow. When Katniss confronts Snow, he claims that Coin masterminded the bombing outside his mansion to turn his last soldiers against him. Katniss realizes that the pattern resembles a trap Gale had been working on earlier. When Gale is unable to assure Katniss that the bombs were not the rebel traps of his design, Katniss is devastated. She attends a meeting with Coin and the remaining victors to discuss having one final edition of the Hunger Games with the children of the Capitol as tributes. Katniss realizes that Snow was right.

The Hunger Games Mockingjay – Part 2

The Hunger Games Mockingjay – Part 2

At the execution, Katniss faces Snow once again. Instead of shooting Snow, Katniss shoots the arrow into Coin’s chest, killing her. Katniss is captured and imprisoned. Katniss is pardoned for her crime, and through a letter delivered by Haymitch. Katniss returns to her home in the ruins of District 12, where she reunites with Peeta and grieves for her sister. Commander Paylor is elected the new President of Panem, and Katniss, Peeta, and Haymitch bond over their shared trauma. Mockingjay part 2 is a great movie with lots of clothes that we have to talk about. Start your own Fashion blog at and start sharing your thoughts.

Star Wars The Force Awakens, Who Will Die?

Although the movie has not yet come out, there are already a lot of speculations as to who will die in the next instalment in the Star Wars franchise. In the original Trilogy of course, we have iconic characters passing away on screen such as Obi Wan, Yoda, Emperor Palpatine and of course, Darth Vader AKA Anakin Skywalker. These deaths resonated heavily with original fans who spent several years following these characters and admiring them for one reason or another. There were more during the prequels, but considering just how much fans loathed those movies with the bratty young dark space lord to be, I hesitate to even count those deaths. This time around, JJ Abrams is behind the helm, so who is he likely to kill off? It could be the following:

  • Han Solo
  • Luke Skywalker
  • Chewbacca
star wars the force awakens

star wars the force awakens

Let’s face it, no matter how many times he shoots first, Han is in his last leg. Much of the theme with regards to this new installation seems to center around passing the torch, so of course it makes sense that some if not all the old characters would die. This idea was further strengthened when a movie insider apparently let it slip that the space cowboy will indeed be no more by the time the Force Awakens ends. As for Luke, you just know that his absence in the posters bodes something ill. Some speculate that he is already dead and that is why he is not in the movie poster because he is not even in the movie! Then there’s the theory that he could be the next Sith lord, in which case he has to die. Finally, there’s Chewy whose form was seen on the ground with the main character Rey crying over him as well as a clip wherein he seems to blow himself up. Chewy is tough, but not that tough.

Jurassic World

Venture capitalist John Hammond’s dreams of a dinosaur theme park have finally come to fruition. 20 years ago, when he first gave the idea a try, things didn’t go so well. But since then the InGen Corp has smoothed out the bumps and wrinkles of that earlier scaly situation.

Not only have the InGen labs genetically reconstituted and cloned a cavalcade of fabulous heretofore extinct creatures, they’ve been able to seamlessly incorporate these monsters into a fully functioning vacation spot: incredible earth-shaking dinosaur attractions and petting zoos mixed with first-class hotel accommodations and shopping.

jurassic world

jurassic world

In fact, Jurassic World has been running so smoothly that it’s almost become, trapped in the amber of its own success. That’s why the park’s investors have been calling for something bigger, faster and scarier to add to the attraction lineup. So the lab boys whipped up a genetically spliced-together super beast that’s a blend of DNA strands from the T. rex, velociraptors and a bunch of other top-secret sources those science guys are keeping under wraps. The point is: this gigantic terror is an incredible nightmare of a dinosaur: smart, powerful and fearsome and sure to be a massive draw, they call it Indominus rex.

A new enormous attraction, however, just means more hard work for Claire, the park’s administrator. She’s been frantically pulling everything together before revealing this new beastie to the public. It’s a hectic job, she knows her business and she knows how to make these kinds of things work.

That includes dealing with staff members, like the rugged ex-military guy Owen, who management brought in to care for the raptors and evaluate patterns of vulnerability. Owen is raising all kinds of silly questions about the safety and wisdom of genetically creating something like the I. rex.

That company-focused tune, changes when the sly Indominus starts developing abilities the lab tests never predicted. And when the giant concoction manages to escape even the most imposing of confines and begins killing everything in sight, at that point Claire quickly runs straight to Owen for a real chat about business. By then, everyone else is running as well.

Hotel Transylvania 2: Review

Hotel Transylvania Recall:

Hotel Transylvania

Hotel Transylvania

In 1895, Dracula builds a resort in Transylvania, hidden from the humans, to raise his beloved daughter Mavis in a safe environment. In the present, the place is the Hotel Transylvania, where monsters bring their families to vacation far from the frightening humans. Dracula invites his friends – Frankenstein and his wife Eunice; Wayne and Wanda, the werewolves; Griffin, the invisible man; Murray, the mummy; Bigfoot, among others – to celebrate the 118th birthday of Mavis. When the party is ready to start, the 21-year-old Jonathan is walking through the forest and stumbles upon the hotel, Dracula must protect Mavis from falling in love with him before the hotel’s guests learn there is a human in the castle, which may jeopardize the hotel’s future. Dracula sees Jonathan and disguises him as a monster to hide Jonathan from the guests. But Mavis also sees Jonathan and Dracula forces him to pose as a monster. Soon Mavis believes that Jonathan is the “zing” of her life despite the advice of her father about humans.

Hotel Transylvania 2

Hotel Transylvania 2

The Drac pack is back for an all-new monster comedy adventure in Sony Pictures Animation’s Hotel Transylvania 2. Everything seems to be changing for the better at Hotel Transylvania. Dracula’s rigid monster-only hotel policy has finally relaxed, opening up its doors to human guests. But behind closed coffins, Dracula is worried that his adorable half-human, half-vampire grandson, Dennis, isn’t showing signs of being a vampire. So while Mavis is busy visiting her human in-laws with Johnny “Vampa” Drac enlists his friends Frank, Murray, Wayne and Griffin to put Dennis through a “monster-in-training” boot camp. But little do they know that Drac’s grumpy and very old, old, old school dad Vlad is about to pay a family visit to the hotel. And when Vlad finds out that his great-grandson is not a pure blood, things are going to get batty. If you want to watch this awesome movie online, there are a lot of websites where you can live stream that is if you have a fast internet connection. The duration of the movie, is approximately 1hr and 30minutes. If you want to live stream, I advise you to load ¼th of it first before watching it so that it will not lag. You can also download this movie if you want to. There are a lot of websites where you can download movies for free. If you want to make your entire visit these kinds of websites anonymously, visit this site.


Adam Sandler Dracula
Andy Samberg Jonathan
Selena Gomez Mavis
Kevin James Frankenstein
Steve Buscemi Wayne
David Spade Griffin
Keegan-Michael Key Murray
Asher Blinkoff Dennis
Fran Drescher Eunice
Molly Shannon Wanda
Megan Mullally Grandma Linda
Nick Offerman Grandpa Mike
Dana Carvey Dana
Rob Riggle Bela
Mel Brooks Vlad


Will ‘San Andreas’ Make Doomsday Preppers Of LA Residents?

Apocalyptic movies have been shown in cinemas for decades where people are besieged with deadly forces that either wipe them out or nearly do so. San Andreas, starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and showing May 29th, is the latest movie to depict a disastrous earthquake that will hit California. What makes the plot of the movie a little unnerving – at least to me – is the fact that the state is known for having some massive fault lines.

San Andreas

San Andreas

Let’s look at some of the most popular apocalyptic scenarios in movies for a moment:

Zombie apocalypse
Alien invasions
Global warming
Super volcanoes
Nuclear war

Oddly enough, the two most likely scenarios on that list are the ones that don’t seem to get as much attention from movie-goers. I get it though since I find zombies and aliens more exciting than the more-than-likely calamities that are nuclear wars and earthquakes. Still, will San Andreas finally get people to take the latter possibility seriously? Not likely, according to seismologist Lucy Jones at the Caltech U.S. Geological Survey. She says that former movies depicting earthquakes (i.e. ‘Earthquake’ and the 1936 film ‘San Francisco’) presented such ludicrous scenarios that two things are likely to happen. One is that people believe that earthquake disasters can’t be survived and the other is that they are too ridiculous to happen.