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Will ‘San Andreas’ Make Doomsday Preppers Of LA Residents?

Apocalyptic movies have been shown in cinemas for decades where people are besieged with deadly forces that either wipe them out or nearly do so. San Andreas, starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and showing May 29th, is the latest movie to depict a disastrous earthquake that will hit California. What makes the plot of the movie a little unnerving – at least to me – is the fact that the state is known for having some massive fault lines.

San Andreas

San Andreas

Let’s look at some of the most popular apocalyptic scenarios in movies for a moment:

Zombie apocalypse
Alien invasions
Global warming
Super volcanoes
Nuclear war

Oddly enough, the two most likely scenarios on that list are the ones that don’t seem to get as much attention from movie-goers. I get it though since I find zombies and aliens more exciting than the more-than-likely calamities that are nuclear wars and earthquakes. Still, will San Andreas finally get people to take the latter possibility seriously? Not likely, according to seismologist Lucy Jones at the Caltech U.S. Geological Survey. She says that former movies depicting earthquakes (i.e. ‘Earthquake’ and the 1936 film ‘San Francisco’) presented such ludicrous scenarios that two things are likely to happen. One is that people believe that earthquake disasters can’t be survived and the other is that they are too ridiculous to happen.